SKODA OCTAVIA - 05-2009 OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download.

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Instruments and Indicator/Warning Lights without dazzling the oncoming vehicles. The headlight swivel function is deacti- Factory Setting vated when switching on this mode. Further information x76D7 page 66. After selecting the menu point Factory Setting the factory setting of the informa- tion display is established again.

:VOUCHER for Skoda Octavia I (1996-2004

Technical Data Identification details Homologation sign The homologation sign is located on the inside of the bonnet next to the lock. Vehi- cles for certain countries do not have an homologation sign. Sticker on inside of fuel filler flap The stickers are affixed to the inside of the fuel filler flap and contain the following information: The prescribed types of fuel, Tyre size,.

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Breakdown assistance x7568 After screwing out the towing eye, reinsert the cover and lock it in place. The cover must engage firmly. Octavia Scout x76D7 page 755, fig. 789 x7568 Press on the upper part of the cover and remove x7568 .

Unlocking and locking x7568 Additionally you can close the window automatically (fully closed) by The force limiter is only switched off, if you attempt to close the window within the next 65 seconds - the window closes now with full strength! pressing the switch up up to the stop.

Transporting children safely This applies particularly to children if they are not transported in accordance Child safety seats which have been tested for conformity to ECE-R 99 standard have with legal requirements. a non-detachable test seal (a large E within a circle and below this the test number) attached to the seat.

Fuses and light bulbs Light unit (Octavia) x7568 Press a new light bulb into the socket and turn the light bulb to the right as far as the stop. x7568 Insert the lamp holder in such a way that the catches lock in place in the housing.

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Instruments and Indicator/Warning Lights Boot lid xF5AB xF5B7 The warning light comes on even when the ignition is switched off. The warning light lights up for a maximum of 5 minutes. The warning light xF5AB comes on when the ignition is switched on if the luggage On vehicles with information display* this warning light is replaced by a vehicle xF5AB .

Taking care of your vehicle and cleaning the vehicle General Maintenance Taking care of your vehicle and cleaning the vehicle General Care of the exterior of vehicle Proper care retains the value of your vehicle. Washing the vehicle Regular and proper care retains the value of your vehicle. It may also be one of the Frequent washing protects your vehicle.

Taking care of your vehicle and cleaning the vehicle Plastic parts The headlight lenses External plastic parts are cleaned by normal washing. Plastic parts and synthetic Please do not use any aggressive cleaning or chemical solvent products - risk of leather can also be treated with special solvent-free plastic cleaning agents if a damage to the plastic lenses Please use soap and clean warm water.

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